Online Reputation Management

Before the Internet appeared, companies did not have too many worries about the reputation of their own brand.

When the client complained, he was only offered a refund or apology and it was relatively easy to settle the matter. Of course, there was a risk that disappointed customers will share their experiences with friends and consequently the company will lose a few potential customers, however, negative opinions did not have a wide range.

However, this situation has changed completely with the emergence of social media.


At the time of the emergence of social media platforms, consumers received enormous power and the opportunity to share their experiences on an unprecedented scale.

Any content published by companies may have huge consequences. Any comment, published post or incorrect information can be quickly saved and made available to millions of users around the world.

For this reason, the best tactic is to prevent the occurrence of embarrassing situations. Reconstruction of the opinion about the company is time-consuming, expensive and requires a lot of effort.

Let’s take a look at selected tools and activities that will help you take care of your reputation on the web and avoid unnecessary problems while building your brand image.

Do not do everything yourself

There are plenty of professional companies and specialists who can help you monitor opinions about your company.

Even if you are sure of the quality of content published by your company, it is always worth monitoring the comments of other users. In this way you will be able to react quickly and prevent any problems from escalating.

At your disposal are many solutions and agencies dealing with online reputation management (ORM), who know exactly how to measure the opinions circulating about your company among Internet users.

Such agencies can also help you position your company in search engines, by monitoring and generating valuable and positive content. These agencies know how to analyze large amounts of data scattered around different parts of the network.

Image management on the web

Most companies have neither the time nor the knowledge to do it properly on their own. PR agencies can be much more effective in quickly identifying any harmful content.

However, as with the other operations of the company, analysis is very important. Unfortunately, for every great agency on the market there are a few that do not do their job.

Reputation management is not an action that can be negligently performed. Forbes magazine has recently published an article on fraudulent activities that some ORM agencies have made.

That’s why before you start managing your own brand reputation, check the reputation of the agency carefully.

Prevention is the most important thing

It is difficult to undo the words that have already been spoken. The best way to avoid a negative reputation is not to leave offensive or contentious comments.

Although there are situations that your company has no influence on, for example when a company account on a social platform falls victim to a hacker attack and propagates malicious content.

In such cases, an expert’s opinion and help of specialists in removing unwanted messages from the network is necessary. It is rather impossible to do yourself inside the company.

There are also examples of so-called Cyberbullying, in other words a situation in which someone persistently puts harmful comments under any information that is published by a specific company or person.

The protection of reputation in the network is very important, so it is important that companies build a strong, professional brand identity that is not susceptible to harmful actions of third parties.

The easiest way to achieve this is to create a coherent social presence that is not vulnerable to attacks. It is also recommended to purchase domains that can be directly associated with the brand in order to avoid harmful followers or other people aimed at destroying the company’s reputation.

The best way to avoid harm is to maintain maximum control. Your reputation (in many respects) is all you have, so you must make every effort to anticipate potential attacks.

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